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Why Lash Galore?

Lash Galore has experience in completing training courses with numerous successful graduates. Check their reviews, portfolios, and careers below! You will be taught by CA Licensed Instructors, in a Licensed Establishment, with equipment that is up to code. There are many options for training in the Bay Area and we urge every potential student to do your research! We've had many students enroll in Lash Galore training after wasting hard-earned money on another "instructor's" course in a basement only to "graduate" unprepared.

Scams to look out for: 
  • Unlicensed instructors claiming to be licensed. (Check for their mandatory license on display in their establishment)
  • Unlicensed or residential facilities. (Self-explanatory)
  • Graduate's reviews. (Contact recent grads and ask if they recommend that course)
  • Graduate's work. (Is the work professional? Are they thriving?)

Lash Galore also offers equipment, workspace, & the opportunity to work in our boutique for select graduates to jump start their careers!

Curriculum Overview


    Introduction to Classic & Volume 2-Day: $2800 

    ($500 Non-refundable deposit to hold your spot. $2300 due at the beginning of class.) 

    Description of the Class: 
    Intro covers everything you need to get started- basics of lashing both volume and classic, different techniques, natural lash safety, lash weight calculation, proper eye preparation for application, lash layering, bonding rules, eye shape correction, building volume fans, after care, & practice on model (you are required to bring your own model.) 

    Day 1: Theory

    10:00-12:00pm: Theory

    12:00-12:30pm: Lunch (provided)

    1:00-2:00pm: Equipment & Technique

    2:00-3:00pm: Practice on mannequin

    Day 2: Practical

    10:00-11:00am: Review Homework

    11:00-11:30am: Lunch (provided)

    11:30-1:00pm: Practice on mannequin

    1:00-4:00pm: Live Model

    Whats included in the starter kit ($1000 value): 
    • Class Handbook 
    • Realistic Mannequin Head
    • Starter Trays of Lashes
    • Mini AC fan 
    • 2 Glues
    • 4 Tweezers
    • Hypoallergenic Tapes
    • Ultimate Prep Kit
    • Foam Cleanser Kit 
    • Cream Remover 
    • Gel Pads
    • Mascara Wands
    • Lash Extension Glue Set
    • Certificate upon completion  


    Intro to Volume 1-Day: $2000

    ($500 Non-refundable deposit to hold your spot. $1500 due at the beginning of class.)
    *This class requires you to be certified in classic extensions before enrolling*

    Description of the Class: 
    You will learn the fundamentals of applying volume eyelash extensions. Client consultations and styling concerns, lash mapping, proper isolation and eye shape correction. Perfecting fans using different techniques and methods. How to use fans to create different looks. Ways to improve retention. Allergies and infection control. Hands on practice and live model. Certificate upon completion of class. 


    Advanced Techniques Volume 1-Day: $2000 

    ($500 Non-refundable deposit to hold your spot. $1500 due at the beginning of class.)
    *This class requires you to be certified in both classic and volume before you can enroll*

    Description of the Class: 
    Focused on mega volume technique & application. In-depth training on how to create different looks with different curls, lengths. How to deal with sparse/bald lashes. Lash maps and length organization techniques. How to change the sets of lashes when refilling a client. Analysis and utilizing different layers of lashes. Using lashes to create an illusion of eyeliner & much more! Certificate upon completion of class. 


    1 on 1 Training: 

    2-Day Intro Class $3500 (Deposit $500)
    1-Day Intro Classic $2000 (Deposit $500)
    1-Day Intro To Or/Advanced Volume $2000 (Deposit $500)

    *Lash Galore does not offer payment plans. Balance must be due at the beginning of class*


    “Julie is so caring and patient with her students! With her guidance and endless support, she will make you feel more confident as a lash artist. I strongly recommend taking her courses because she is truly passionate about teaching her amazing artistry! Her tips and tricks will help you create beautiful sets for your clients. I cannot thank her enough for giving me such a wonderful experience!"
    - Michelle S. from San Jose

    “Taking Julie's class was the best decision I could've made to kick start my lashing career! Julie is such a caring and hands-on instructor, she will make sure you're completely ready before she will let you even do a live model. Not only was she there for me every step of the way in class, she's always there for me now. From answering every little question I have to just giving advice and support when I'm not having a good lash day. Not to mention, the fanning technique she teaches is also amazing and will make your work stand out. Without her help, I honestly wouldn't be where I am now.”
    - Nancy L. from Castro Valley

    “So glad I took this class! Julie is such a skilled lash artist. Her teaching was super informative and hands on! I learned so much, she covers everything you need to know and more! Thank you for being a great teacher, Julie and being there for your students during/after your course ❤️❤️”
    - Michelle W. from San Francisco

    “Julie is truly the best! Her class was very informative and she made sure that all her students were confident in what they were doing. Julie was so supportive throughout the process of learning and continues to support us. I’m so grateful for all she’s done for us! Thank you Julie!”
    - Katie C. from San Francisco

    “Julie is knowledgeable, informative and truly wants what’s best for you. Not only does she teach you the CORRECT & SAFE way to apply eyelash extensions, but she also makes the class fun and easy to follow. Taking Julie’s class was such an incredible experience that I will forever get to look back on. Not only is she the BEST instructor out there, but she is also such an amazing person that I can honestly now call a ‘friend’. Thank you Julie! I am so grateful for all that you have done and continue to do for your students!”
    - Roma R. from South San Francisco

    “This class was really informative! Julie was very detailed at explaining everything and I didn’t feel lost after. I’m so glad I took Julie’s class and hope to be as good as her someday!”
    - Lena D. from San Jose

    "Julie is AMAZING! Very professional and informative. She really makes sure you do not leave without knowing what you are doing or having confidence in you. She is passionate about her craft and her students learning  and I wish I found her sooner!"
    - Jhonae M. from San Francisco

    “This was the most eye opening experience, I never thought lashing was such a precise art/practice. I'm so excited to start my lash journey through this class. Thank you for everything Julie!” 

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    For additional class availability, contact us via email or DM at @lashgaloresf on Instagram. 

    Not located near the Bay Area?


    Lash Galore is the perfect opportunity to jump start your career in the multi-billion dollar beauty industry. With expert guidance, a fully-equipped facility, flexible hours, and great wages, a promising career is inevitable. Not only will Lash Galore boost your exposure through targeted social media advertising, but Lash Galore will also offer necessary equipment and supplies at exclusive wholesale pricing to graduates. Lash Galore will maintain functioning WiFi, 24 Hour Security of Workspace, Water/Electrical Utilities, in addition to small refreshments for artists and their respective clients.