How to Start Your Lash Business - Eyelash Extension Supplies List


Everything you need to kick start you business! Click on the items to below to get started!


Massage Table - Portable and lightweight, Great for Traveling artists as well
Magnifying Light - Has both warm & cool light, along with a magnifying glass to see everything our normal vision can't! 
Barbicide - Save your money and get a galloon instead of a small 16 oz from Sallys! 


Dentist Bibs - For sanitary purposes, use dentist bibs in between clients 
Gel Pads - An essential for lashing! 


Mascara Wands - Essential for lashing, brush those lashes out! 
Disinfectant Box - Alternative to the Barbicide Jar, this box wont snag your tools!
Lip applicators - Use these to clean your clients lashes or for a lash removal.
Micro Applicator Brush - Use these for precision cleaning or lash removal.